IDA Marches Forward, No Going Backwards

Some members of the Igbere Development Association (IDA) have reacted to the fact that some non-IDA members used the Ezumezu 2017 period to make concerted effort to decapitate IDA by using some Igbere elders in the name of seeking unattainable conciliation. That unwholesome move was swiftly rejected by the IDA President Chief Esse Esse and other members present at the meeting.

“Tell it to the world that the IDA is here to stay; to engage all Igberians in the virtuous business of selfless community-building of our father land, Abia State of Nigeria at large, and the Igbere community in particular. Yes, the some selfish individuals, saw, acknowledged, and pronounced the IDA’s astounding accomplishment at the Igbere Secondary School. Rather than learning to give to the community selflessly like the members of IDA; they sought to decapitate the IDA by legislating IDA out of IDA’s community – minded mission. Some individuals is yet to understand that ‘a natural stream will never flow up-stream,'” Chief Lekwa O. Lekwa wrote.

According to Engr. Emma Ukandu, “A seed like IDA planted and grounded in truth with love, sacrifice, vision, and commitment will grow and become an Iroko tree, by God’s grace. You cannot stop a train with bare hands or simply by shouting “Stop”.

“IDA is travelling with BLAZING, LIGHTENING SPEED that can consume those that stand her path,” Chief Esse Esse stated.

“IDA is Marching forward, we are not going backward,” Queenet Uche concluded.

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