The Women Who Made Uncommon Sacrifice To Get David Anyaele Restored After His Limb Loss

By David Anyaele

Today is Jan. 19, the 19th anniversary of my limb loss. It was at a time such as this in 1999 that the RUF Rebels invaded our residence at Kissy bye pass Freetown, Sierra Leone during RUF evasion of Freetown. Like a dream, before I knew it my two hands were chopped off by the rebels, they equally set me on fire. I lost all.

Thank God for His mercies abideth. He saved me.

I will like to appreciate women that made what I call uncommon sacrifice to get me restored from the day my hands were amputated to the day I got the first artificial hands in 2003.

These women saw deeper- my future, and they prayed, they sang, they asked God to show me mercy. It was warfare. To God be all the glory. He honoured their request over my life.

Today, I am a better person, married with boys and a fine girl.

Blessed is he man who is honoured with good women, he will not be swallowed by the wicked.

Mrs. Memuna Sento Koroma Brima was the first responder. We worshiped together at SDA Church in Freetown. Menuna was a student nurse at Connaught Hospital Freetown in 1999. She used her network and contacts to mobilize materials (food, water, drugs, surgery materials etc.) required for my treatment, not from the hospital because the rebels looted Connaught hospital during the evasion. While sitting beside my bed morning, afternoon and night, Memuna would sing praise and worship songs, especially when the pain was getting so much on me – thanking God for my healing, not missing one of my favourites songs “God able do am, nothing wey big na eye, e go dom”. And God did it. It was Memuna that arranged with the Nigerian Contingent of ECOMOG to move me from Connaught Hospital Freetown to ECOMOG Hospital, Freetown.

At first, I didn’t support the arrangement, due to fear of unknown, and the future was blink. She urged me not to worry, in fact, she offered to travel with me to Nigeria. We missed each other when she visited her family, before her return, the Nigeria Military sent a helicopter to evacuate (Emma Egbuna who is also a witness and survival of the attack) us to Lunge Airport and thereafter to Lagos. Visitors thought she was my wife. In fact Emma Egbuna never believed that she was not my wife, until the Nigeria Army evacuated us to Lagos. Memuna Sento you’re too much, you’re a great woman.

Mrs. Uloma Okpechi, this woman is another God sent. She is my uncle’s wife. Uloma joined my uncle to visit me at the Nigeria Army reference hospital Yaba on my first Sabbath evening in Nigeria without hand. She shed tears over my condition. Uloma, went home and designed her own rehabilitation plan for me. Uloma made sure that I was well taken care of, she prepared food (assorted: rice, beans, plantain, soup, vegetable, fruits name it, any how I wanted it) by herself every day within a megacity like Lagos. She presented all these with smile, prayer and thanks giving to God for my healing. God answered all her prayers. While in the hospital, Uloma gave me the audacity to fight stigma and discrimination. Among the women married in our family (maternal and paternal), quote me, no one is like Uloma. Guess what? God has blessed her beyond our imagination, most especially my uncle. Uloma, you’re too much, you’re a great woman.

Ms. Oyidiya Nnenna Anyaele was my only sister. She couldn’t believe that what she heard about me was true. OY rushed to Lagos to find me struggling with pains. She took over caring for me and my well being in the Nigeria Army Reference Hospital. She was instrumental in ensuring that military offered me the best of care through consultation with Military Doctors, nurses, and other medical support. At the military hospital, I was virtually going for surgery every week, sometimes two times in a week. OY shared her rehabilitation plans for me, she assured me many good things of life. Unfortunately, The shock of what she saw suffered her till I was discharged from the hospital. She died last two years. OY, you’re too much, you were such a great woman.

Mrs. Titilayo Adebayo, I call her Sis. Titi. God used her to remove shame and reproach from me. It was widely believed that by reason of the fact that I am from Igbere Ebiri, Bende LGA, Abia State that my rehabilitation would not have been an issue since the then Governor of the State was from Igbere. The military high command sent a signal to the then Governor, requesting the State Government to take care of my rehabilitation.

Guess what? all efforts to get Abia State Government’s support proved abortive. To the extent that a friend of mine arranged a private meeting between me and the then Governor, just to secure a rehabilitation intervention from Abia State Government. The then Governor promised, but failed me. The then Senator, Honouable at the House of Representatives, Honourable at the State House of Assembly as well as then President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria all failed me. Sis. Titi was monitoring the development, when she called me on December 1 requesting for permission to raise the fund to complete the required N5,000,000.00 for the procurement of the artificial hands.

She led me for the first time to 21 days of praying and fasting, asking God to fight for us. Sis. Titi mobilized all resources within her disposal, (you know how our people from Western part of Nigeria supports each other) it was a warfare. Before, I knew it, by December 30 the money was completed to the glory of God. She requested me to pick a date to travel to Germany for my myo-electrically control prosthesis. “Kpa kpa kpa” artificial hands fixed, David returned to Nigeria. Wow! By that singular act, Sis. Titi turned me to a super star. Sis. Titi, you’re too much, you’re a great woman.

Mrs. Grace Anyaele, she took over from my sister when her health failed her. Every day, while in the hospital, she was just thanking God and hoping for a rewarding future. She did everything a mother would do for her beloved child, ranging from her constant love and care and her constant reminder of God’s unfailing love upon our family. It was the spiritual, moral and emotional support from my mother that helped me to bounce back. Mma, you’re too much, you’re a great woman.

Now, all these women of warfare, Anne Anyaele my wife has taken over the struggle, and together we shall go far.

There are many others that also contributed to the best of their ability: through prayers and gifts. However, I feel persuaded to mention these very few as a point of contact to reach-out to others. Thank you so much.

Friends, join me to thank and pray God to honour these women. God used them like angels to lay the foundation for the restoration which I am grateful for today.I will continue to pray God to show them mercy and grant them the desires of their hearts. I pray for more honour and uncommon harvest for them and their families. Amen!!!

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