IPAI Tears Itself Down!

According to sources, another two prominent Executive Committee members of IPAI – Financial Secretary Chief Daniel Onyike and the Treasurer may have resigned or dumped the association and/or the Executive. They seemed to have had enough of the injustice, stagnation and ‘shadow chasing’ which the association is now known for.

Chief Daniel Onyike’s dumping of IPAI’s letter reads in part: “As you requested, I have terminated my position as Financial secretary of IPAI  which was  non existence  in the first place and secondly my IPAI  membership.”

It appears that IPAI Board of Directors are taking delight in unleashing self inflected wounds against itself, and some of the novice in the association (IPAI) and certainly those who created the 2016 crisis in New York which has consumed IPAI are still blaming anyone else but themselves. SHAME!

The last time I checked the good Igbere people at home are more interested in what the organization can do for the community and not their incessant inability to manage the manpower and membership.

Why is the Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc., bringing all these shame upon itself? Why can’t they do a self reflection, soul searching and at least for once tell themselves the truth?

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