IDA President Chief Esse Responds to Some IPAI Board’s Comment About IDA

Chief Esse Esse has responded to some correspondences emanating from IPAI Board where the Igbere Development Association, Inc. (IDA) was referenced as a ‘hostile organization’ and some of her members as ‘cheerleaders’. Part of the aforesaid reference reads: “ .. as the Financial Secretary of IPAI, you have professed membership and espoused allegiance to a hostile splinter group that seeks to undermine IPAI”.

According to the statement issued by Chief Esse Esse and addressed to the Secretary of the IPAI Board, it reads:

“Firstly, IDA does not see Igbere Progressive Association International (IPAI) as a hostile organization but rather another Igbere organization hopefully working for the development of our fatherland. You will recall that in a public setting you, myself and other members of both IPAI and IDA appeared, I reiterated that neither IPAI nor IDA are factions of each other but different Igbere organizations with different “birthdays”. I therefore ask you to cease to see IDA as a hostile organization but a sisterly organization with an unprecedented track record worthy of emulation.

“Secondly, to use the word ‘cheerleaders’ to describe any member of IDA is beneath your personality. I have read a lot of your write ups and I must say you are always very careful in writing but on this occasion, I am at lost as to why you chose this unfamiliar path. Again, recall what I said in that public meeting in describing IDA members, I said “As an Igbere person I did not know that these group of Igberians existed, people who can raise over forty thousand ($40,000) dollars via telephone conference in less than 2 hours for the development of their fatherland” Some of these IDA members don’t even know each other but responded to a clarion call to make a difference in their fatherland. These caliber of Igberians cannot be described as ‘cheerleaders’ for anybody except for their fatherland.

“Thirdly, I want to categorically state that IDA did not initiate nor sought for the breakfast meeting that took place in Igbere but as peace loving Igberians we welcomed the meeting. We believed the meeting was productive and commended the panel and the Igbere Council of Ndi Eze for the outcome.

“Finally, I would ask the Secretary of IDA to make my response available to both IPAI members and other Igberians so that we can begin to disabuse the minds of Igberians and IPAI members in particular from seeing IDA as a hostile organization as you tried to portray IDA. We wish IPAI God’s speed in their endeavours.”

God Bless IDA.
God Bless ala Igbere.


Chief Esse Esse
Okaibeya Igbere

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