Benson Anya Writes About IDA in Response to New IDA Project in Igbere Secondary School

by Benson Anya

“The IDA is not a union of troublesome noise makers and schemers. From a distance I can adjudge the members to be development oriented.

“It high time for Igbere Welfare Union and other associations in Diaspora to take a cue from the Igbere Development Association.

“There is a big lesson for us all in the formation of that same IDA whom retrogressive Agents were moving to snuff out through their unrelenting and mischievous campaign of calumny. The IDA is a meeting of progressive like minds with development of Igbere as their major objective.

“They have identified an area where Igbere is having problems with and they came together with unity of purpose to solve it.

“That was the same thing the founding Fathers of Igbere Welfare Union did many years ago to the benefit of Igbere. While they where building Igbere they preached “onye agbala Nge nge “. ‘Onwo onye na agba nge nge’ if you are developing Igbere and solving problems in the community.

“Onye agbala nge nge does not mean that a licence is given to any person or group of persons to lord it over others through inglorious intrigues, election rigging, manipulation, scheming and back biting. For long they had lost track but want everyone to sit down and watch them silently.

“I am happy that the IDA took steps to liberate itself from retrogression. It is for the good of Igbere that we unite to develop Ebiri. That is the meaning of Onye agbala nge nge, unity in development. Not unity in trouble and evil.

“We must support IDA to succeed as they set the pace of development in our home land. I congratulate IDA for the good work you are doing in Igbere.”
—–By Benson Anya

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