Problems of Igbere Welfare Union Identified – by Benson Anya

For the avoidance of doubt, it is my position that the Igbere Welfare Union (IWU) started as a development agent in Igbere. The founding Fathers of IWU anchored and mobilized Igbere on the part of development. All hands was supposed to be on deck to ensure that Igbere is taken to the next level of development. Countless projects were executed through communal effort.

That was then. This generation of Igbere people have not been fair to Igbere Welfare Union as an organization. Some of the problems bedeviling IWU include but not limited to the following:

  1. Corruption,
  2. Lack of planning,
  3. Sit tight leadership,
  4. Lack of commitment,
  5. Immunity to bad leadership,
  6. Lack of respect for Igbere Welfare Union constitution,
  7. Unnecessary politicization and polarization of the people, and
  8. Abandonment of the development agenda as a key substratum of IWU

I also hold a very strong view that the Igbere Development Association (IDA) is leading Igbere towards a new dawn. IDA is taking Igbere to the brighter side of the Tunnel. They are taking us back to the era when the desire to build Igbere is the driving force of the union.

It is my humble view that all persons or group of persons by whatever name called should learn from IDA. Emulate IDA. Let us unite in developing Igbere. This is my position.

We need the Igbere Welfare Union to be strengthened and fortified. That is exactly what IDA is doing. I commend them.


Article Written By:

Benson Anya,  former Chief Magistrate, Abia State.

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