Chief Magistrate Benson Anya’s Words of Encouragement Inspire IDA

The President of the Igbere Development Association, Chief Esse Esse has acknowledge the kind words of encouragement wriiten by Chief Magistrate Benson Anya concerning the mission and accomplishments of IDA.

According to an open letter written to Benson Anya, it reads as follows:

“Dear Chief Magistrate Benson Anya,

“I wish to thank you for your kind words about Igbere Development Association (IDA). You were right on the money on two points. Firstly, “IDA is a meeting of progressive like minds with development of Igbere as their major objective”. Secondly, “They have identified an area where Igbere is having problems with and they came together with unity of purpose to solve it.” One of the areas we identified is education for now. I am sure God willing IDA will venture into other areas of need for our people.

“Magistrate, your words were like a tonic to members of IDA, so much so that Rev. Dickson Samuel, an IDA member wrote “This is really powerful words of encouragement for each and every one of us as IDA member” We are really honored and happy to have read such heartfelt encomiums about IDA from you. By God’s grace we will continue to contribute our own quota in the development of Igbere, I know I speak for all members of IDA on this pledge.

“You ended your letter by saying “We must support IDA to succeed as they set the pace of development in our home land. I congratulate IDA for the good work you are doing in Igbere” In the words of another IDA member Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu, “Thank you for speaking truth to power and may God continue to bless you”. His Royal Highness Eze Joseph Anyanta, Ezeji Ibinaukwu autonomous community said “An Appreciation is an application for more”. Well said your Highness!

“Finally, IDA will imbibe all these words of encouragements as a springboard to harnessing all of our potentials in making Igbere better. Thank you once again for the encouraging letter.”

Chief Esse Esse
Okaibeya Igbere
Interim President

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