Benson Anya’s Encouraging Words to IDA are a “Cup of Strength” – by Lekwa O Lekwa

This period in the history of Nigeria, great number of men and women; young and old, are facing grave hardships. It is not a gainsaying, to infer that; as voices of wisdom, kindness, truth, genuine encouragement, and integrity dwindle progressively towards extinction, communities in Nigeria, conversely regress into unlivable primordial conditions. A short time ago; just before December of 2017, Igbere Secondary School Igbere (ISSI) was a pile of structural relics.

The heart-wrenching and pernicious conditions of the Igbere Secondary School presented enormous barriers to Igbere sons and daughters who were attending the school.

Soon, following the formation of the Igbere Development Association (IDA), a handful of like-minded Igberians in Diaspora, immersed their personal resources and logistics to rebuild and renovate the main building of ISSI.

Last week, the same IDA has earmarked and commissioned Two Million Seven Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira (#2,720,000.00), actively, providing modern school desks with chairs and up-to-date blackboards to the Igbere Secondary School main school building blocks. Men and women of Igbere IDA, no doubt, are Igberians of humble minds, who by their selfless sacrifices, demonstrate that “words alone do not lay bricks towards building a center of hope in any community.”

At this time in our Nation, when dishonesty has displaced integrity; when empty blustering  leaves Nigerian communities sagging deeper into death-trap roads, schools, hospitals, community centers, etc., men and women of  IDA, chose to make a difference by being different from retrogressive and regressive so called associations. In as much as the saying goes that “Rome is not built in a day,” IDA realizes that “Rome is not built with mere empty words; and by wasters of public trusts.”

With the aforesaid facts in mind, IDA, poises to: value effectual communities legacies over flattering friendships; act of kindness towards ill-equipped schools over personal glories; action over a city full of empty words amid fancy buildings surrounded with swampy public roads, dilapidated public schools, and demoralizing health centers.

To our brother, Magistrate Benson Anya; your recent encouraging words to IDA are a “cup of strength” to the men and women of IDA. Your observation and statement are right on the matter.

I will add, as a foundation member of the IDA, I can safely say that the formation of IDA was an eventual revolt against a retrogressive, and stagnated association that failed copiously to meet her well defined plans to be assistive arms of community development/ progress.

Satan is a master of retrogression and regression. Satan and his demonic agents has successfully used retrogressive and regressive paradigm in dismantling every limb and arm of progressive and viable future in our nation, Nigeria.  And when Satan and his agents are not able to abrogate the progress of a good thing, Satan resorts to incessant character assassinations.

IDA has continued to witness character assassination assaults, insidiously and overtly, intended, in most part, as you said, “to snuff out,” IDA.  Rather than appreciate, encourage; or if possible, seek way(s) to be parts of the unprecedented community-based development efforts of IDA, certain Igberians continued to waste their time in relishing the hope of uniting darkness and light.

I dare add, that “anyone who straddles the fence between what is right and what is wrong; between good and evil; or between hope and hopelessness; is geared towards taking our God given universe to the hell with his or her fickle mind.”

Magistrate Anya, I am encouraged to know that there are still men and women in Igbere community who still have the endangered species of virtue of having the gut to call a “spade a spade,” without pandering to a person or persons.


Article Written by

Chief Lekwa O. Lekwa
Aka Ekpuchi Anyanwu 1 of  Ebiri

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