Setraco’s Broke-down Vehicle Causes Road Safety Hazard at Igbere – Uzuakoli Road

A concerned Igbere native raised an alarm regarding a heavy-duty construction vehicle which broke-down about two months ago and at Isi-Ugba location on the Okafia Road, Igbere. The transcript of the reporters voice is hereby given below:

“Greeting to the well-wishers of Igbere. There is message that I wanted to bring. This video report is being recorded at Isi Ugba on Okafia Road, Leading to Bende and it also leads to Uzuakoli. It’s about 2 months that this heavy duty vehicle broke-down at this place. It is becoming understandably difficult for motorist to drive by. My fear/concern why I’m making this video is to call attention of prominent Igbere people to help address this matter, to avoid a situation where this vehicle may cause accident to motorist and passersby.

“As I’m recording this video, the vehicle tittle plate number is KGE 34 XA and the emblem/Logo placed on the body of the vehicle reads SETRACO. The Make of the vehicle is MACK and it has been there essentially blocking part of the narrow road for two months now. If you take a look at the location on the back of the vehicle, there is huge erosion gully there. This means, should there be an accident, in fact no body knows what it might result.

“So, please Igbere people we are appealing to you that help in tracing the owners of this truck to come and tow it away to a safe place. Look at the video clip very well and you will see the amount of space the vehicle is occupying on the road and to worsen the situation there is erosion gully behind it. That’s my message, thank you.”

Also according to further reports, the road from Akara and Alayi is no longer motorable so this Okafia – Uzuakoli Road is the only road that leads in and out of Igbere. I addition, erosion is equally trying to cut off the road. If this happens, going to Igbere this December 2019 will be difficult.

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