Chief Uche Dimgba Issues Statement Regarding Omezi Ebiri Lock-up Store Project

“This Peter Ekekwe seems to be misguided. He contested for the President of Igbere Welfare Union and lost and he was defeated by the incumbent President Elder Uwakwo Okoronkwo. Thereafter, he was given an opportunity to deputize the president. Since then he became a problem to the President and the entire IWU Executives.” – Chief Uche I. C. Dimgba wrote.

Continuing, Chief Dimgba added he following:

“Every programme of the President he wants to destroy it. When IDA from America came to rehabilitate the Igbere Secondary School he kicked against it making people to believe it was Abia State government project, and now that has been achieved by IDA to the glory of God.

“Also, he frustrated the rehabilitation of the water project which was also done by the same Igbere Development Association.

“This Omezi Ebiri Market project that he dabbled into again, does he know anything about the market? Our age grade Omezi Ebiri is seriously doing a lot of job and a lot of money is being collected from each and every member of the age grade and job is on going.

“Elder Uwakwo Okoronkwo as the President of Igbere Welfare Union is also a member of Omezi Ebiri age grade and we and working in tandem to to deliver this project for the Igbere community and the market will serve the community both unborn.

“I really don’t know where this individual comes from to start creating these lies and putting confusion on the minds of the people.

“Anyway whatever he likes let him write but we want to assure him that we have already moved on no body believes in that trash that he is busy posting everywhere.”
Article written by Chied Uche I. C. Dimgba.

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