Proposed Subjects for Discussion During the Igbere Welfare Union General Meeting


My humble contribution thus is that there are challenges we need to overcome; restoration of confidence in the administration of our Welfare Union. I think every administration has done its best, but more need to be done. We need men and women of sound mind and conscience to support IWU to building the Igbere we desire. We have enough of them.

The Executive of Igbere Welfare Union Central are challenged by inherited lack of due process and accountability in the management of our triennial Ezumezu proceeds. The good Igbererians will be happy to see a new strategy to counter these discouraging obstacles to the development of Igbere.

This entrenched culture spanning over years is a hindrance to our development efforts. Every Ezumezu Organizing Committee should as an obligation render true account and remit such into the Igbere Welfare Union account within two months after Ezumezu, (before or by end of February of the following year).

Reasons usually given for refusing to render account insults the sensibility of reasonable Igbererians. Walking back the years, perpetrators seem to have impunity from unwritten code of conduct. Before we can embark on a meaningful and sustainable development, we must first keep our house in order. We may use this period to fix the system, since the Ezumezu is likely not to hold in 2020.

I will kindly appeal to us to consider the following points for discussion and for more contribution.  Many good people of Igbere are dismayed by the recurring allegations of lack of financial accountability or none remittance of proceeds of Ezumezu to IWU account. This is a factor in our collective pursuit for the development of Igbere. The allegation and rumours of withholding of Ezumuzu proceeds by hosting Age Grade or few members of Ezumezu Planning Committee is a breach of trust and may encouraged apathy and “siddon look” attitude among our good people in the future. I want to believe that it is unfounded allegation by our enemies.

The Igbere Welfare Union Port Harcourt branch suggested at one of the IWU meetings held at Igbere that two members of the IWU Central executive should be statutorily included in every Ezumezu planning Committee. This will bring to end the issue of accountability.

IWU Central should set up “Development Committee” for the purpose of historical documentation of projects and donors, liaise with project donors for harmonization of their project for greater benefit of those it is intended for and Igbere in general.  The Development Committee should be informed of projects donation by the donors. The Committee may offer free value added advice to donors or suggestions when necessary.

The Okada riders should organized into an Association with an elected leader. They will register their members and have a bye law. The Commercial Motor Cycle Riders Association will register with and approved by Igbere Welfare Union and Ndi-eze. This is an indirect approach to management of the security issues in Igbere.

Infrastructure Maintenance Committee should be created for the maintenance existing facilities. The Committee will be responsible for the maintenance of roads, clearing of gutters of obstructions to water flow, clearing of weed covering the roads, liaising with PHED and restoring collapsed electric poles etc.

The committee will submit annual action plan and budget to IWU, who will source fund for the execution. IWU may deploy part of proceeds from EZUMEZU, seek support from government, groups, individuals, and general levy. This Committee will not be concerned with new projects.

The NDI-EZE deserve our respect. When the righteous rule the people rejoice. Igbererians should learn to respect their Ezes so that they will be righteous. Wrong attitudes has a way of impeding on development.

We need to educate our people periodically through seminars organized for different groups: Ndi-Ezes, Eze-ogos, IWU leaders, Commercial Motorcycle Riders Association, Women Leaders, Youth Leaders, etc. Churches and other forums should be used to ensure that information are well publicized.

Let us fix the system.

Please continue to STAY SAFE and STAY STRONG.
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