Indigenes Working and Doing Business at Igbere and the Challenges Facing them

Following the Igbere People Forum, (IPF), Live Broadcast of Saturday July 18, 2020 on “Indigenes Working and Doing Business at Igbere and the Challenges Facing them”, which featured an academic staff and many craftsmen/technicians who live and work in Igbere, Bende Local Government of Abia State, Nigeria.

The Igbere People Forum donated the sum of N20,000.00 to Ms. Sarah Nnenna Micah to assist in mobility based on the challenge facing the Panelist. It is recalled that during the live broadcast, the IPF Administrator had made a promise stating that IPF will look into the aforesaid challenge, “Ehm.. Nnenna, nke machine gu ogu, ayi j’eleba ya anya, nde Igbere People Forum” Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu said.

During the webinar, the host, Mr. Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu, moderated with Engr. Williams U. Orji and posed several questions in order to properly understand challenges facing businesses and civil servants who live in Igbere. Some of the questions are;

1. What is your Profession or Occupation?

2. What are the specific challenges you are facing by having your business base at Igbere?

3. What is your contact information in case someone wants to patronize your business?

4. Do we have any association/union of Igbere Traders? If yes, what are the relationship between Igbere Welfare Union (IWU) & the Igbere Traders association/union?

5. What are the basic problems traders in Igbere face and how do you feel these problems can be curbed to ameliorate commercial activities in Igbere?

6. What are the contributions to Igbere markets revenue generation in Igbere?

7. Are there some group(s) or person(s) who pose or abet to make business activities in Igbere unprogressive? If yes, what are their agitation?

8. With the present business atmosphere in Igbere & its environs, what level of commercial development do you see in Igbere in the next 5years?

9. How do you think Local/State governments can help to improve the commercial activities in Igbere?

10. Do you think/feel indegenes of Igbere, (in Nigeria & diaspora), have roles to play in attracting commercial & microfinance banks in Igbere?

11. Considering safety, healthy and aesthetics of Igbere marketers/persons & the environment; what advise do you have for traders who showcase their commodities on our roads?

12. Are there security threats to commercial activities in Igbere? Please elaborate.

13. Is/are there any project(s), levies or contribution by traders in Igbere for any development at any level in Igbere? If yes, how is the management so far?

The participants responded specifically according to their business specialisation and outlined many challenges which include but not limited to lack of conventional electricity supplies and alternative energy sources for both agricultural use & other production purposes, unemployment, non-payment or untimely payment of salaries, discrimination & lack of trust on the resident technicians or business entities, lack of a commercial and microfinance banks, challenges caused by decentralisation/centralisation of markets, poor business advertisements, thefts & armed robbery, youths laziness, juvenile deliquencies and promiscuity etc. The participants further emphasized on the dangers roaming cows and the herdsmen pose to farmers, food crops and Igbere land.

The live broadcast ended few minute after the scheduled stop time.
Article written by: Williams Ukaegbu Orji.

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