After Ezumezu 2020 Postponement – Going Forward – by Emmanuel U. Ibekwe

After midnight 30th December, 2019 a new year was born. The year 2020 was ushered in with designer fireworks. The triumphant entry into the New Year 2020 was a thing of joy, excitement and great expectation. The early January rushing back to base and business started in earnest. Gradually, Igbere was returning to her usual peaceful serenity. And the days and nights rolled into February, the year was picking up, valentine fans celebrated and it was business as usual. March came, not by surprise to anyone but the content, a sudden new narrative that humbled the wisdom of men: corona-virus.

This melodious musical name had nothing good to offer, it was quickly giving a new “aka” COVID-19 which means coughing, sneezing, high fever, stay at home, total lockdown in all sectors, face mask, hand wash, social distancing, total ban on local and international flights, shutdown of churches, schools, loss of jobs, suspension of EZUMEZU 2020.

The impact of this covid-19 prompted a meeting of stakeholders held at the Palace of HRH Eze John Oko of Agbo which decided in their wisdom to suspend Ezumezu 2020. I guess they must have thought that we cannot celebrate EZUMEZU without the spirit of EZUMEZU and life of Igbere people matter.



The Omezi Ebiri should complete and handover their retirement to Igbere by 27th December, 2020.

Covid-19 may not go away soon. We are living in a new normal.

This handover ceremony will mark the symbolic official retirement of Omezi Ebiri Age Grade.

The Handover ceremony should be well publicized and zoomed, only the stakeholders should physically attend.

The Omezi Ebiri Age Grade should bring a closure on all activities of the age grade.

There will be no gathering at Igbere Secondary School whatsoever.

Omezi Ebiri Age grade members, home and abroad will celebrate in their homes according to their chosen dates from 28th December 2020.

This will be collected and distributed to members by the President Omezi Ebiri Age Grade.

The established calendar for the triennial EZUMEZU should remain sacrosanct.

Article Written by: Sir Emmanuel Ukpabi Ibekwe KSP.


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