Reaction of ICCON to the Controversy Over Ongoing Constructions Work at the Ebele/Omezi Ebiri Market

The attention of the Igbere Clan Council of Ndi Eze (ICCON) has been drawn to the controversy over the ongoing construction works at the Ebele/Omezi Ebiri market. We have followed the debate on various online/social media handles, and we have noted the positions canvased by the principal actors, and the responses, comments and advice by patriotic citizens of Igbere.

As the custodians of Igbere customs and traditions, we wish to state as follows:

The Igbere Clan Council of Ndi Eze (ICCON) was not part of any decision to authorize a joint project execution between Igbere Welfare Union (IWU) and the Omezi Ebiri Age Grade.

For emphasis, ICCON did not authorize or encourage the President General of IWU and the President of Omezi Ebiri Age Grade to enter into any partnership/alliance for the execution of the Ebele/Omezi EBIRI market project.  Every member of ICCON belongs to an Age Grade. Apart from two of our members who belong to the Omezi Ebiri Age Grade, the rest of us have gone through the retirement (Igboto Mma) Ceremony, and we know how Age Grade projects are financed and executed.

In the interest of peace and harmony, we implore and demand the following from all patriotic sons and daughters of Igbere:

Stop forthwith all the debates and arguments on social media. ICCON is arranging for an all encompassing meeting where the issues surrounding this controversy will be amicably resolved. This meeting shall be expeditiously convened as soon as the situation over the COVID-19 pandemic improves.

There should be no meetings and gatherings over this controversy during this pandemic. We charge all our people to abide by and observe all instructions, guidance and protocols established by the PTF COVID-19 Committee , the NCDC and the Abia State COVID-19 Committee.

May God Bless and protect you all during this challenging season.

HRH EZE Engr. John U. Oko
HRH EZE Micheal Ukaogo
HRH EZE Rowland A. Ekeoma
HRH EZE Eme O. Ogbu
HRM EZE Uwakwe O. Ukaegbu JP
HRH EZE Joseph U. Anyanta
HRH EZE Okorie N. Chukwu JP
HRH EZE Dr. J. N. Okorie
HRH EZE Eme Ogbumba Chike

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