IWU Update Regarding the Postponement of Ezumezu 2020 by ICCON

IWU Update Regarding the Ezumezu 2020 postponement

The Igbere Clan Council of NdiEze (ICCON) in a meeting held on the 22nd day of July, 2020, postponed Ezumezu 2020 till further notice.

ICCON in their wisdom postponed Ezumezu 2020 after considering some exceptional circumstances, cum issues in relation to the devastating effects of the Covid-19 coupled with the overwhelming demands of our people. Hence every body is expected to accept this postponement and see same as a decision made for our own interest by those who have the duty to protect and project our cultures.

However, the retiring age grade is expected to continue their retirement projects while the Uke ji Ogo – Ochonma age grade is expected to continue with their preparations. Other issues associated with this, such as the status of the on coming age grade will be settled within the shortest possible time.

Please, letters would be sent to the Igbere Welfare Union (IWU) Branches, Age Grades and Autonomous Communities for more updates on the matter.
Article written by: Israel Uwakwe, IWU Secretary.

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