IDA Trumpet Sounds a Clarion Call To Action for Igbere Development

Igbere Development Association (IDA), I would like to begin by expressing my genuine pride, joy, and accolade to Chief Esse Esse, my brother; an altruistic, compassionate, thoughtful, foresighted, and selfless leader of IDA; for his recent bellowing and vibrating sounds from his LARGE TRUMPET of generosity toward the Igbere Community Secondary School fencing project.

His TRUMPET is a clarion call to every able lgbere to action. I am also very proud of each IDA member, who has selflessly contributed to, or is yet to contribute to the Igbere Secondary School fencing project. Your act of giving toward the ISS fencing project is a noble and selfless demonstration of your love for our Igbere Community.

For other Igbere persons, who have already given, or are yet to donate for this noble course, may the Almighty God, always meet you at every point of your essential needs.

No matter the size of the amount of your contribution; bigger or smaller, together, we have undertaken a HERCULEAN community development project. Keep up the sounds of this historic-making TRUMPET.

Note; you might have heard some people say this: “DO NOT BLOW YOUR TRUMPET.” The question is simply this; why carry a TRUMPET, if you have no intention of blowing the trumpet? So IDA members, be proud of the altruistic sounds of your Community Development Trumpet:

(1) It calls Igbere Community to a strategic development action.

(2) it invigorates the lukewarm community members.

(3) it gives uninhibited credits to the selfless community builders, and

(4) it teaches the legalistic, loud mouthed community members that “no community development can be achieved by mere words and unproductive arguments.”

May God continue to make available the true spirit of love to Igbere.


Article Written by:

Chief Lekwa O. Lekwa

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