New Hope Rising In Igbere: IDA Brought In A New Perspective

Right from time immemorial Igbere has been blessed with progressives sons and daughters, over the years we have witnessed army of our great sons and daughters doing great things just to uplift the status of Igbere, I will not involve myself in mentioning names to avoid the risk of leaving anyone out of my list, but from history and the ones I witnessed over six decades of my existence, I can rightly say that Igbere is a blessed city, I used to tell one of my closest friends and brother that the greatest gain I have for being a Nigerian is the fact that I am from Igbere and I know that I am not alone in this line of thought.

As I wrote in one of my past articles, Igbere will never be the same in terms of progress taking into account what I observed in recent times. With the coming on board of the recently elected Exco members of Igbere Welfare Union (IWU) and the nature in which they were elected and many other things that followed, anyone who is sensitive will know that things have taken a new shape.

I want to acknowledge the efforts of both individuals and associations in Igbere for the great inputs that we are witnessing in our life time, I say kudos to everyone that have played one role or the other for the upliftment of Igbere. In this article I want to say that what happened on the 7th of August, 2021 is an eye opener, I am referring to the service of songs of one of our sisters who was called home by God in far away country of America and was brought home by Igbere Development Association (IDA) where she was a member.

I watched the program and heard all that was said by individuals and so the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that IDA is just less than five years old and notwithstanding the numerous projects they have embarked and still embarking at home, they still went ahead to undertake such sacrificial show of love to one of their own by making sure that they followed their constitution to make sure that our late sister was brought back home and gave her all due respect. Someone may say that it doesn’t matter but if you ask the immediate family of our late sister they will tell you that it matters and I think that it matters a lot.

Although individuals and various associations in Igbere have been doing great things in time past and in the present time, but in my opinion I want to say that IDA have brought in a new perspective in the whole mix and this has encouraged healthy competition in Igbere and it has taken Igbere to a new height.

I will want to use this opportunity to advice the leadership and members of IDA to work hard on how to sustain the good works they are doing by making sure that they recruit new YOUNG members via their children and the YOUNG ones in diaspora, that’s the only way the good works they are doing can be sustainable. My prayer is that God will continue to help IDA, other associations and individuals in all their undertakings. My honest advice to our people in diaspora is for them to make every effort to key into this laudable movement and the good news is that they accept members from everywhere and not only in U.S.A.

Just my opinion. God bless Igbere Ebiri.
Written by Ukandu U. Obike

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